Employee Self Service

HRiQ Human Capital Management SolutionTM is a powerful HR software for effective human resource planning and intelligent talent management. The fully web-based solution gives customers the tools and services needed to automate transactional processes that will enhance productivity and provide timely and critical information for key decision-making, thus effectively managing human capital. The suite of offerings include core modiles like e-HR, payroll, leave, claims and timesheet.


  • e-HR
    • empower employees to update and manage their personal details online
    • provide tools to generate reports like Labour Market Survey, alert users to important tasks such as employment pass expiry
  • e-Leave
    • automate the administrative tasks of recording leave
    • provide flexibility in defining various types of leave including medical and childcare leave
  • e-claims
    • streamline and automate the employee benefit claims as well as business travel-related claims
    • check against pre-set claims limits to have better control and reduce turnaround time for processing
  • e-timesheet
    • electronic entry of daily attendance records by employee for comparison against scheduled work hours for calculation of overtime payment or under-time deductions
    • seamlessly integrated to the leave and payroll modules for accurate records and payroll processing