Why Outsource

Get fast, professional and flexible help for all your Human Resource needs.

  • Time is finite. You want to focus on meeting your strategic business goals or your current systems are not handling your expanding payroll efficiently. You want to offer your employees an accurate, user friendly and web-based system for applying leave or submitting claims and overtime hours.
  • You want to increase cost benefits and efficiencies and you wish to outsource tedious administrative tasks so that you and your staff can focus on growing your core business without adding staff.
  • Although your company is expanding, cost considerations do not justify hiring a dedicated person to handle payroll and benefits processing. At the same time, you do not want to worry about whether local laws and regulations are met.
  • Your HR staff has just quit, and you urgently need an experienced professional who doesn’t have to be trained to pick up the work.
  • Your company is a new start-up which requires basic HR services including payroll and benefits administration and professional HR advice on matters such as hiring, compensation and market practices.

If any of these five scenarios sound familiar, we at Pay Dynamics Pte Ltd can add value to your company by helping you solve your HR problems.